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H-1B Visa 2012 Cap count update

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Johari Window...

Monday, April 4, 2011


(known to self and others)

confident, dependable, independent, trustworthy, witty

Blind Spot

(known only to others)

able, bold, brave, calm, caring, cheerful, clever, complex, energetic, friendly, happy, helpful, intelligent, knowledgeable, logical, loving, mature, modest, nervous, observant, organised, patient, proud, quiet, reflective, religious, responsive, searching, self-assertive, self-conscious, sensible, sentimental, shy, silly, spontaneous, sympathetic, tense, warm, wise


(known only to self)



(known to nobody)

accepting, adaptable, dignified, extroverted, giving, idealistic, ingenious, kind, powerful, relaxed

All Percentages

able (19%) accepting (0%) adaptable (0%) bold (7%) brave (3%) calm (26%) caring (15%) cheerful (3%) clever (23%) complex (3%) confident (19%) dependable (7%) dignified (0%) energetic (7%) extroverted (0%) friendly (42%) giving (0%) happy (7%) helpful (11%) idealistic (0%) independent (3%) ingenious (0%) intelligent (50%) introverted (0%) kind (0%) knowledgeable (50%) logical (11%) loving (15%) mature (19%) modest (19%) nervous (3%) observant (15%) organised (23%) patient (3%) powerful (0%) proud (7%) quiet (19%) reflective (3%) relaxed (0%) religious (3%) responsive (7%) searching (3%) self-assertive (3%) self-conscious (15%) sensible (3%) sentimental (3%) shy (3%) silly (3%) spontaneous (7%) sympathetic (3%) tense (3%) trustworthy (7%) warm (7%) wise (7%) witty (3%)

Created by the Interactive Johari Window on 5.4.2011, using data from 26 respondents.
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Fresher’s party… Now???

Monday, October 4, 2010

Might seem strange… attending a fresher’s party while I m about to graduate… Thinking smile Well good to know what fun my colleagues had last year.. while I was counting sheep in @ SBU hospital Disappointed smile… And irony of all sorts... I m standing right under the hospital building… Smile !006

Recognise Minefield (Firefox 4 beta) as Firefox

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just installed the Firefox Beta 4 on my Ubuntu environ; Turned out, I am unable to install addons as the browser is not recognised as Firefox!

So if you are running on the cool Firefox beta 4 an having trouble installing add-ons or browsing sites customised for Firefox...Here's what you should do:

1) Open Firefox
2) Type "about:config" on the location bar
3) Find the general.useragent.compatMode.firefox key
4) Toggle its value to "True"
5) Restart
6) Viola! Your fav Firefox is back

Effectively, this modifies your user-agent string, which most sites depend on to recognise the client browser.

Your User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:2.0b7pre) Gecko/20100916 Firefox-4.0/4.0b7pre Ubuntu/10.04

Your User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:2.0b7pre) Gecko/20100916 Firefox/4.0b7pre Firefox-4.0/4.0b7pre Ubuntu/10.04

Looking beyond...

Last day at Chyron... what lies ahead I wonder???